A traffic stop in a San Diego neighborhood on the night of July 28th turned into gunfire that killed Officer Jonathan “J.D.” DeGuzman. He was just 43 years old and was the father of two small children. We are currently working on a fundraising campaign that will go directly to the family of Officer DeGuzman.

To date we have raised and donated over $5,000! For proof of donation call the San Diego Police Officers Association at (858) 573-1199 and ask for Ed Lavalle.  Reference verification of donations from Designs By Angela Davis.


Randy Park from Designs By Angela Davis presenting check to Ed Lavalle from the San Diego Police Officers Association for $5000.  This money will go directly to Officer DeGuzman’s widow and his kids.  Thank you California!


Designs By Angela Davisis an online retailer that specialize in creating original shirts, mugs, and other printed apparel. We also are a company that is dedicated to helping charities and organizations in need of help.  One of the partners/owners is Dwight Gelowitz.

Dwight and his team recently developed a t-shirt design to help raise money for the families of the fallen officers from the events that occurred in Dallas on Thursday, July 7th.  Although the campaign is less then a week old, thanks to the tremendous outpouring of support, we have donated over $10,000 with sales still pouring in.  This is proof-positive that the spirit of giving to those who need help the most–like everything in Texas–is BIG!

To date we have raised and donated over $30,000! For proof of donation call the Assist The Officer Foundation of Dallas at (214) 747-6839, ask for Randy and reference receipt #620015002344.


Pictured here is Designs By Angela Davis spokesperson Kimberly McClain presenting a check for $10,500 to Tiffany Abbinett of the Dallas Police Foundation and Assist The Officer Foundation of Dallas.


The first fundraising campaign Dwight and his team ever worked on was for the people affected by the terrible wildfire that decimated the small Canadian town of Fort McMurray.  Dwight and his wife Colleen live in Alberta and knew they had to do something.  Wildfires are not an uncommon thing, but a fire that wipes out an entire town is.  So, they developed a t-shirt design that quickly turned into a bestseller (“Fort McMurray Strong”) and sales quickly took off. In the course of just two weeks, they sold enough shirts to clothe a good part of the population of Fort McMurray. Then they decided to go a step further–making a similar shirt called “Alberta Strong”–and the people of Alberta bought hundreds of shirts and hoodies in support.

As a result, Dwight and The Giveback Collection raised $8000, and, with the matching Canadian government contribution, that total climbed to a whopping $16,000!


Dwight and Colleen Gelowitz presenting check to the Candian Red Cross.  The final tally for this campaign was $16,000.00!  We would like to thank you all for helping with this cause.